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Great prices on Chubb second user safes
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Chubb safes Cash
Chubbsafes Cash
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Used Chubbsafes
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Chubbsafes Fire
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Chubbsafes Data
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Chubbsafes Cabinets
 Chubbsafes Elements - Protect your valuables
Chubbsafes Elements is a new family of safes designed for the simple and effective protection of your cash and valuables. With four ranges  Air, Water, Earth and Fire  and a choice of sizes, you can be sure to find a safe which suits you.
 Our Current Featured Safes
Featured Safes
Securikey Mini Vault
From £149
Featured Safes
Securikey Fire Vault
From £250
Featured Safes
Securikey Data Vault
From £420
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 Our Safes & Services

One of the UK's largest independent distributors of new safes and reconditioned safes.

New Safes

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We supply new and reconditioned safes throughout Europe and the rest of the World. We are also a Chubbsafes UK Specialist. More on New Safes.

New Safes

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Unique Antique safes from around the world. More on Antique Safes.

Reconditioned Safes

spacer Reconditioned, Secondhand & Used Safes
All used safes are reconditioned to British standard (BS7582) and carry either a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month warranty on all moving parts. More on Reconditioned Safes.

Repairs, Access & Re-siting

spacer Repairs, Access & Relocation
Throughout the UK we repair safes, relocate safes and dispose of safes. We can move safes upstairs and into basements with free site surveys throughout the UK. More on Safe Repair, Safe Relocation and Safe Disposal.


Chubbsafes Approved Online Reseller.  Freephone us on 0800 373943 for Nationwide Chubbsafes coverage with local advisors for sales, surveys, removals and disposals.  Free fast UK delivery**, next day also available.

Email us or phone us on our Freephone number 0800 373 943, 24 hours a day.


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