A Scorching Safe Install!

Posted by Holly on 30th Jul 2019

A Scorching Safe Install!

On the hottest day of the year, the Ace Team installed this SLS Bankers Treasury Safe (all two-tonnes of it) into a very tight storeroom space, with not a centimetre to spare on either side.

To carry out this installation, a wooden bridge was created by Lloydd, to reduce the gradient of the safe whilst transferring it from the ground floor, down three steps, to the lower ground floor. Spreader boards were placed down to protect the floor, and the safe was then rolled down on stainless steel rollers, slowly but surely.

The safe had to be handled very carefully, as even with the gradient reduced, the momentum of a two-tonne safe is considerable!

Once on the lower ground floor, the installation was still not complete, as the safe then had to be positioned into a very constricted storeroom. An installation of this nature requires all the 35 years’ experience and expertise of our chief installer, LLoydd.