A small blog about a big safe!

Posted by Jo on 18th Sep 2019

A small blog about a big safe!
A crew of 4 were needed to move this 2 tonne jeweller’s safe from one shop storeroom to another, further down the High Street.

Our chief installer, Lloydd, had carried out a free site survey before we undertook the work, which was just as well, as the safe had to be manoeuvred out of the first storeroom, slowly and carefully, with not a centimetre to spare, on either side of the doorframe.

Once out of the shop, the safe was placed on pallet trucks, and steadied by the crew, at all times counterbalancing the lean, which you inevitably get when transporting a safe along the pavement.

Metal plates and wooden spreader boards were placed on the drop kerbs, to form a ramp for the safe to be pushed up, and eventually into its new position within the shop.

Moving a safe of this weight and size requires skill, knowledge, patience and adherence to every safety precaution in order to protect personnel and property.

The job is never rushed!

This particular move took the Ace Crew 2 hours.