All in a days work for the Ace crew!

Posted by Holly on 7th Aug 2019

All in a days work for the Ace crew!

As with many buildings which have been vacated by tenants or owners, more often than not a safe, or indeed several safes, are left behind in the building. This happens for obvious reasons – they tend to be heavy and require specialist expertise to remove or move them.

Most removal companies will not undertake this type of work, so it is left to safe specialists like ourselves to provide this service. A safe removal requires trained and experienced men, all necessary equipment including manual Caterpillar stair climbers, electric robotic stair climbers, ancillary equipment such as crowbars, spreader plates, rollers, with the most important and unique part of our service being our specialist insurance which covers us for this type of work. 

A smaller, lightweight cash safe was installed into a cupboard whilst we removed an older, more cumbersome safe, using our manual Caterpillar stair climbers which helped to balance the load for the men, whilst protecting the stairs. This sort of specialist removal is undertaken by the Ace crew on a daily basis.

Here are a few photos and video clips of the Ace team removing the main safe, approximately 700kg in weight, from a beautiful Grade II listed building in Salisbury, which was once an office, but is now being restored to its former glory as an impressive home.